R 14 500.00

The Superhero's name represents the Heroic challenges that every beginner faces and needs to overcome to learn any sport. We salute the beginners and the Hero's that they are in entering this dynamic re-emergence of an ancient sport.

The Super-Hero has been carefully designed to provide the maximum stability while learning to Stand-Up-Paddle, yet maintaining maneuverability over the smoothest possible ride. We worked on giving it gracious rounded curves so that there are no complex transitional flow lines across the surface that would require dynamic surfing to control. (This could possibly include features such as an aggressive concave in the center of the board, which will help with drive and speed, but fix the board on track and be difficult for a beginner to correct their line if heading a bit out of control on steep wave.)

So instead, we have given the board a simple flat bottom, so that it still has some speed for small waves, with rounded forgiving rails forward, also to help make the turns smoothly, leading into a subtle V in the tail which will cushion the impact and help with control on steep take offs on hollower waves, the primary challenge in early wave riding skill development. This board is fun and easy to ride, so will even be a handy board for small summer days in the quiver of intermediate surfers too.

Coupled with a classy bamboo deck inlay, the great looks of this board combine modern composite lamination and construction technology with age old traditional style.


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