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zeal surf hydrofoil

The Cape Town SUP Rocket

After doing a review on the ZealSurf Rocket, I decided that this is the board I want. I've had my VanHunks 9'6 for a while now, it's an older model - 2014 if I recall correctly - and whilst that is a good solid beginner / intermediate SUP Surf board I felt I wanted a more progressive board. The aim is to take my surfing up a notch.

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My first time on the Zeal Surf Rocket - YouTube

zeal surf hydrofoil

Hydrofoils for SUP Geeks...

Every now and then there is a news flash on it, slowly but surely the word is getting out - some recon this is the next big thing, others skeptically look at it and shake their heads. 1st it was Laird Hamilton on a surfboard that made the surfing headlines and now more recently Kai Lenny on a SUP that had the social media networks buzzing....

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zeal surf john cole

Who is Jon Cole?

Cape Town SUP caught up with Jon Cole, the shaper behind Zeal Surf who innovates and creates some of the best SUP & surfboards on the market...

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zeal aurf the rocket

Insider Scoop: The Zeal Surf Rocket

Cape Town SUP reviewed our new board, The Rocket is basically a cut off rectangular "slate" or slab, this kind of SUP is a Mini-Sims inspired concept BUT.... with modern improvements. Get the low down of the review here...

Zeal Surf worked quite hard trying to re-think the design - they give credit to those who came before them - and tried their best to develop things as far as they could. The Rocket has a quad fin (asymmetrically foiled) configuration, and they moved the back fins up a touch to crate a water “slot” for bite, and also to increase maneuverability. This setup allows for addition of a small trailing tail fin, giving more grip in the tail, especially on bottom turns.

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zeal surf easy glider

Why the Zeal Surf Easy Gliders are Sexy

Board: Easy Glider
Dimensions: 9.6' X 30 X 3.9
Volume: 131L
Shaper: Jon Cole

When Ian from Zeal Surf dropped this board off, as always the 1st thing I did was to pick up the board and test the weight - I liked it - it was somewhere between being light to medium weight for a board this size. It was sturdy yet elegant, you could sense this is a well rounded board designed for fun.

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zeal surf interview

The Zeal Surf Story

Our first interview, This is the start of our story.

Cape Town SUP caught up with Ian Wolmarans, the founder and developer behind the unique brand of Stand Up Paddle boards - Zeal Surf. Here is how that went down on Cape Town SUP...

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