Zeal Gullwing foil

The 2018 Zeal Surf Gullwing foil is our answer to the foiling revolution that has recently taken over the world.

The Designer

Andrew Coleman has helped us achieve our goal of designing and building a Surf/Sup foil second to none. He is a senior training Captain for South African Airways and an experimental aircraft builder, with over 30 years of commercial aviation experience.

The two disciplines of surfing and aviation have magically combined with the advent of FOILING. Andrew has designed and built many model aircraft and built and restored a few full size aircraft. There is a direct crossover of knowledge - a HYDROFOIL is in fact just an underwater glider and all of the same fluid dynamics rules apply. The Gullwing Foil from Zeal is the culmination of years of observation, experimentation and research.


The design brief was simple: make foiling ═×more accessible═č, whilst improving pumping, turning performance and speed!

The unique design features of the Gullwing foil are tried and tested concepts, borrowed from the aviation industry. The elements of this foil create a more stable platform that is still very responsive to rider inputs, allowing for more control. The polished surface, accompanied with an ultra-efficient wing profile, allows for low drag high speed foiling for surf and open ocean racing.

The 2018 Gullwing Foil is a delight with a large sweet spot: great stability and control harmony.


The Gullwing design eliminates the need for interchangeable wings to suit different conditions.

The Gullwing foil uses a carbonmonocoqueconstruction. In various controlled conditions the prototype Gullwing foils underwent bend tests to fine tune the desired stiffness and flex

The one piece foil design provides exceptional strength, stiffness and build accuracy, eliminating any change in small variations in critical geometry such as the degree pitch relationship between the front and rear wing. This ensures a predictable direct behavior from the foil at low and high speeds. We use a monolithic bond with an internal lap join to bond the top and bottom shells together. To further strengthen the foil we have introduced an ultra-high density semi structural epoxy foam core. This core has excellent sheer properties and aids in the bonding process.

We know that the Gullwing foil will exceed your expectations.


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